A biography of richelieu a french cardinal and statesman

An investigation of subsidence of the church floor enabled the head to be photographed in As a result, both Marie and Concini became the targets of intrigues at court; their most powerful enemy was Charles de Luynes. Protestant forces, however, were defeated in ; Rohan submitted to the terms of the Peace of Alais.

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Richelieu, among other things, was very prolific playwright and his plays were published in the first royal printing house. Spain was meanwhile seeking papal approval for a universal monarchy. Moreover, Louis took advantage of his nation's success during the Thirty Years' War to establish French hegemony in continental Europe. The assassination of Henry IV in released separative forces that were endemic in the administrative system. The Cardinal deployed troops to Valtellina, from which the Pope's garrisons were driven out. The bishop, one of the most famous lovers of the country, who was desired by the most beautiful and richest women in France, gave his heart to the young queen. However, the conflict was largely healed when the Pope granted a cardinalate to Jules Mazarin , one of Richelieu's foremost political allies, in

Richelieu La Rochelle, Philippe de Champaigne. Henri, the eldest son, was heir to the seigneury of Richelieu; and Alphonse, the second son, had become a Carthusian monk; so the obligation fell on Armand-Jean, who was a student.

Armand was prepared for a military career but fate decreed otherwise and future Duke became a priest in spring Though the Spaniards raised their siege at Casale, much remained to be done in order to bring about a general settlement.

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He also ensured his political security by establishing a large network of spies in France as well as in other European countries. Heritage, youth, and early career The family du Plessis de Richelieu was of insignificant feudal origins but, by intermarriage with the legal and administrative classes, rose to some prominence and acquired the seigneury of Richelieu in Poitou. It is known that Richelieu was married to Rosalia de Roshenuar, but they lived separately and he communicated with her only in letters. Richelieu was instrumental in redirecting the Thirty Years' War from the conflict of Protestantism versus Catholicism to that of nationalism versus Habsburg hegemony. Start your free trial today for unlimited access to Britannica. Service as papal diplomat. In response, Richelieu raised the gabelle salt tax and the taille land tax.

They said that Richelieu was passionately in love with the queen, who was considered the most beautiful woman of the time. Lawrence River.

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When the Palais-Cardinal was complete, he donated it to the Crown, in In he began serious study of theology.

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