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Polo is not played exclusively on horseback. COM The Playing Field: The maximum permitted pitch is yards long and yards wide, and the goal posts are 8 yards apart. Several controversies still run rampant over the exact origins of polo.

Add Rulebook To Cell As one of the oldest team sports, polo is an exhilarating combination of horsepower, athleticism and control.

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Historically they have been made of bamboo , leather covered cork , hard rubber, and for many years willow root. Sometimes a fresh pony will be ridden in each chukka or two ponies will be on rotation, but ponies will not usually play more than two chukkas. A popular combination of the sports of polo and lacrosse is the game of polocrosse , which was developed in Australia in the late s. Used for training cavalry, the game was played from Constantinople to Japan in the Middle Ages. Polo is inherently dangerous, which may be part of the allure; however, the rules go a long way to negate risk. The U. After it had been introduced by the military, the sport of polo remained popular with them but also spread to the universities and was popular with the nobility and royalty. It was difficult to follow the whole game, and one often had to play to avoid the dust-cloud. He continued to play polo until the age of 52, despite suffering a constantly dislocating right shoulder which forced him to ride with his hitting arm bound to his side. From the centre of the ground, none of the defending side can be nearer than 30 yards. The Origins of Polo by Ben Johnson Polo is perhaps the oldest team sport, although the exact origins of the game are unknown. Female players often use lighter mallets than male players. The goal judges behind each goal wave a flag when a goal is scored. The first international competition took place in when the United States unsuccessfully challenged the English, then the undisputed world leaders in polo, for the Westchester Cup.

Polo Matches are divided into 4,5, or 6 Chukkas depending whether the level is Low, Medium, or High goal polo. The museum also displays a "night polo ball" with a rotating platform on which a candle is placed. Riding Off — is the act of pushing another player and his horse out of the way using your horse, and is permitted whether the other man is playing the ball or not.

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Motoball Motorcycle Polo was invented in the United States. No one knows where or when stick first met ball after the horse was domesticated by the tribes of Central Asia, but it seems likely that as the use of light cavalry spread throughout Asia Minor, China and the Indian sub-continent so did this rugged game on horse back. This was probably also the case in ancient times. This verse, inscribed on a stone tablet beside a polo ground South of the fables silk route from China to the West, sums up the ancient history of what is believed to be the oldest organized sport in the world. In a bounce test from 9 feet 2. Herbert stated in a article [30] that they formed the Westchester Club after the "first" outdoor game was played on 13 May Polo gloves are commonly worn to protect from working the reins and mallet. International competition. England defended the Cup successfully in , but the United States won in To practice their maneuvers, they began playing polo. In both cases, the gag or shank rein will be the bottom rein in the rider's hands, while the snaffle rein will be the top rein. No mallets are used, and it is not played on grass.

A player may hook only if he is on the side where the swing is being made or directly behind an opponent. Most horses reach full physical maturity at about age five, and ponies are at their peak of athleticism and training at around age 6 or 7.

Play is continuous throughout the chukker, unless the umpire blows the whistle for a foul or there is any injury to a player or horse.

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In the games played in Manipur centuries ago, players were allowed to carry the ball with them on their horses which often lead to physical fights between players to gain the ball for their teams.

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Polo: the rules, do's and don'ts