A survey of the salaries of athletes

Appearance fees. That represents a reversal of a trend that saw the income gap narrow from the time of the Depression until the s.

average football salary by league

No matter where we go, sports are inescapable. Tittle sold insurance in the summer. Just this past spring, student athletes won a class action suit against the NCAA who had previously capped the amount of scholarship money that they could receive.

As a professional, they also have to pay for things like: Gear. Or is the fact that athletes tend to be paid so much more handsomely than schoolteachers, nurses, firefighters, and others whose work is arguably of far greater benefit a sign of an economic system with its values out of whack?

The public now divides itself into narrow groups, seeking out media that cater to specific interests — cooking, nature, politics, fashion, et al.

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Should college athletes be paid? Survey