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However, as more and more researchers became interested in African American culture after slavery and in the early twentieth century, they discovered a strand of tales that focused on human actors.

Singing folksongs was a tradition that served as entertainment or as a way to have rhythm during their work in the fields. This can play a significant role in enabling them to stay and acknowledge the significance of staying healthy.

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This folkore is used by elders to teach family and friends about their collective cultural past. African American English AAE is commonly referred to as Ebonics, as well as black speech, black vernacular, and several other phrases.

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And later it helped other generations, particularly in the 19th centuryto learn what happened to the ancestors who had been enslaved.

The brief preface that begins "Quiet as it's kept, there were no marigolds in the fall of ", serves to establish Claudia as the communal rehearser of tragedy. Their objectives are commensurate with those of the prevailing society or power structure within which they exist.

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Certainly someone gets taken, but that taking is not couched in racial terms or in terms of social inequality. Were black raconteurs during slavery really trying to reflect the actions of black and whites, or were they simply creating entertaining narratives? There were stops in various cities along the way; Bloomington, Indiana was one of them and was where I got on the shuttle. The themes of pursuit of freedom, the essence of evil, and helpless scriptures are the subject of African-American literature. In reality, the community is about to explode. Students might consider, therefore, what happens to a character or a literary form that can be both positive and negative and what results obtain in either case. In a country where as late as the 's there were laws prohibiting the teaching of slaves, it was necessary for the oral tradition to carry the values the group considered significant. Mostly, they are pictured in contest or quest situations, and they must use their wits to get out of trouble or bring about a particular result. The character Claudia MacTeer is the narrator for this folk tale. These disparities are assumed to be the result of genetic mutations, environmental influences, inadequate access to care, poor quality of care, poverty and violence and specific health practices The violence and comeuppance that characterize these tales, frequently with larger animals whites being bested by the smaller Brer Rabbit blacks , were passed over as readers focused more on the fanciful portrayals of imaginary animal worlds.
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