An analysis of the studies conducted by plant and peruche on the concept of implicit racism

They do uh, use too much [physical] force and they just strictly just abuse their power.

implicit bias in juvenile justice

David Malebranche, the sixth author, conducting 2 training sessions of 2 hours each with all interviewers to ensure equal knowledge of methodologies and approaches.

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In addition to negative experiences, there were also several counter-narratives to the negative experiences that several participants described.

implicit bias pdf

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Pull me out of the car, they want to search me, want to do all of this and that and we just… we not doing nothing. The police, they do a lot of that.

The semi-structured format provided interviewers with the flexibility to utilize probes to further discuss relevant topics that emerged during the interview Patton, What hooks you?

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An Analysis of the Studies Conducted by Plant and Peruche on the Concept of Implicit Racism