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Light pollution or photo pollution also called as luminous pollution is simply the excessiveunmanaged and invasive use of artificial outdoor lighting in such a way that it hampers natural lighting.

A number of cities in the U.

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Is it a big deal? The hormone is activated by darkness and repressed by light. Types[ edit ] A light pollution source, using a broad spectrum metal halide lamppointing upward at Uniqema factory, Goudathe Netherlands Light pollution is caused by inefficient, unappealing, or arguably unnecessary use of artificial light.

Over illumination can constitute energy wastage, especially upward directed lighting at night. It is not so today.

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Nadir is opposite the zenith. Bortle, John E. Figure 1 is a composite image that depicts the light emitted from the earth at night. To assist them, the International Dark-Sky Association has developed a set of model lighting ordinances. The most easy one would be to turn off unnecessary outdoor lights and be involved to reduce light pollution. Businesses that compete against one another often try to outshine each other. Propose lighting ordinances to your local and state governments to reduce light pollution. Also referred to as luminaire. Identifying Light Pollution Light pollution is light that is not being efficently or completely utilized and is often pointed outwards or upwards and not downwards. Introduction We light our outdoor nighttime environment to meet certain societal goals, such as increasing safety and security, enhancing economic development, as well as highlighting historic areas or landmarks of cities or towns. Wasted lighting in the US releases 38 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually; unshielded outdoor lights are directly responsible for 1. This results in birds deviating from their intended migration route, flying until they experience exhaustion and collapse, and becoming prey to other animals. Founded in by Jennifer Barlow of Midlothian, Virginia, a high school student at the time, the event encourages participants to turn off their lights and observe the night sky without light pollution. It is not so today. Disability glare describes effects such as being blinded by oncoming car lights, or light scattering in fog or in the eye, reducing contrast, as well as reflections from print and other dark areas that render them bright, with significant reduction in sight capabilities.

Make sure to test and adjust the motion detector's sensitivity as needed to prevent the lights from turning on and off unnecessarily. The nightly process prevents the emissions from becoming smog, ozone pollution, or other harmful irritants.

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How to Measure Light Pollution Measuring light pollution is an intricate process because the natural atmosphere is not completely dark due to airglow and scattered light.

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Clutter - bright, confusing, ugly and excessive groupings of light sources, commonly found in over-lit urban areas. It is completely blinding and leaves temporary or permanent vision deficiencies. Where objective measurement is desired, light levels can be quantified by field measurement or mathematical modeling , with results typically displayed as an isophote map or light contour map. Dark-sky compliant lights are fully shielded and do not emit illumination above a horizontal plane. Some communities have experienced a decrease in crime by reducing or eliminating nighttime lighting in appropriate areas. Older drivers are more prone to experience disability glare while driving. See what's lit, not the light - Believe it or not, it is that first concept, to Optimize visibility at night for what we want lit that is often one of the hardest for people to realize, recognize or understand. The proliferation of clutter contributes to urban sky glow, trespass, and glare. Wildlife, too, is harmed by the unnecessary brightening of the night. Use the links above to learn more information about the different effects that light pollution causes. This is equivalent to the following: About 3.

So, with my apologies to Dylan Thomas : Do not go gentle into that bland copper light. One lux equals 0.

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Light Pollution Hurts the Environment, Hides the Night Sky