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Get too deep.

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Or an exhibit that made you feel capable of creating art? Optional, no more than words Most schools save the optional Additional Info essay for last, but Carleton places it at the top of its supplement! How much thought went into your decision to finally apply? In the same vein as above, keep your empowerment source small. Why are you applying to Carleton? Admissions is also giving you a chance to tell your most pressing story upfront so that you can relax on the rest of the application and finish on a high note! For the first sentence, think about the people in your life who inspire you in both small and big ways. It is important that your reasons for applying to Carleton are specific to both the school and yourself. By featuring this prompt so prominently on the application, admissions is showing you that Carleton values your perspective. Write a nuanced list of things that make you feel good or happy, write a poem, speak exclusively in metaphors because metaphors make you feel empowered to play with language and emotion. No second-guessing. Essay Tips. Short Answers I am empowered by people who If you mention that you want to major in Classics, but all you took were AP sciences and your crowning accomplishment of high school was winning the Intel Science Fair, they might raise their eyebrows. Dig beyond the basic facts and figures to learn about your prospective major s , uncover classes you want to take, delve into the contents of the school library, or peruse the list of clubs and volunteer opportunities.

This is also a good chance to address what you find appealing about Carleton's playfully intellectual school culture. Loved the article?

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No stopping. For the second sentence, remember that a community can mean a number of thingsyou belong to so many different communities, and you are at liberty here to choose the one that is the most unique or meaningful to you.

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Again this should illuminate values that you have, and those values should align with Carleton's generosity, curiosity, playfulness, kindness, etc. Here are some examples: I am empowered by people who… meme excessively with the Simpsons, preferably at 2 in the morning before CS finals.

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Check Application Status The college essay is often the most difficult part of preparing your application.

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