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In order to gain more awareness on Facebook, Colgate should organize contests. Colgate Total Mint Stripe Gel is a minty blend of gel and paste that leave the users mouth fresh and clean. Moreover, Colgate has established a good relationship with dental cooperation which has led to the recommendation of Colgate toothpaste by dentist worldwide Colgate-Palmolive, The website also has a social networking page called Colgate Smile to engage the consumer to get involved with their oral health and the Colgate-Palmolive Company.

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Because of the strong presence especially in emerging countries such as India and Brazil Colgate takes advantage of the positive consumer trends in these countries and can compensate the sluggish economic growth in industrialised countries.

Moreover the toothpaste market is growing constantly which means that more different needs and expectations of the customer will arise.

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Furthermore Colgate offers premium products which mean the consumer is willing to pay a high price for the product in order to receive high quality products. About the legal system, there are civil laws which are influenced by soviet and continental Europe.

Market demand The marketing team of CP believes that Colgate toothpaste has a lot of growth potential and the saturation point is quite far off. Confused positioning: Buyers might have a confused image of the brand resulting from the company's making too many claims or changing the brand's positioning too frequently.

Colgate has developed a Supplier Diversity Program which focuses on minority owned and woman-owned business. Not only does it utilize information from secondary sources such as published reports on FMCG companies, but also has its own Marketing Information System MKIS within the organization, and frequently, Marketing research projects are undertaken.

Oral Care in Mexico.

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Marketing Plan Colgate