Collabarative learning community

Advantages Challenges Collaborative learning allows students to tackle more complex problems than they could on their own. Therefore, begin with the end in mind by establishing common vision and outcomes, then work to refine classroom practice and staff collegiality.

Collaborative learning using Wikipedia : Wikipedia is an example of how collaborative learning tools have been extremely beneficial in both the classroom and workplace setting. Research in this area has mainly focused on children in indigenous Mayan communities of the Americas or in San Pedro, Guatemala and European American middle-class communities.

They are able to change based on how groups think and are able to form into a coherent idea based on the needs of the Wikipedia user. For higher-ability students, group ability levels made no difference.

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We need to construct our own meaning, in our own context, of a collaborative learning community. Research has been conducted on how technology has helped increase the potential of collaborative learning.

This also ties into building your classroom community.

Collabarative learning community

Classroom Practice Circle: Over the past few years there have been many improvements in curriculum, effective teaching and learning strategies and assessment procedures. Teachers must help their students learn to interact positively with people who are different from themselves and who may not think the same as they do.

This inside-out strategy requires a considerable amount of searching and reflection as teachers struggle with such issues as who they are, what they hope to become for the students they serve, and how they will decide, organize, teach, learn and live together. In a collaborative learning community, the classroom environment, the curriculum, effective teaching and learning strategies, and assessment procedures are aligned and reflect a core philosophy and values about teaching and learning.

Sergiovanni, Thomas J. It is taking responsibility for our craft, our own development and that of our students; it is ensuring our future.

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Building a Collaborative Learning Community