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The effective date of the leave will be reported to the federal government, which will initiate loan repayment procedures. All page margin requirements must be maintained. The date, which follows the copyright symbol, is the year of conferral of your degree.

Examples of formatting suggestions for both the dissertation and thesis are available as downloadable templates.

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ProQuest Electronic Submissions The dissertation and thesis become permanent records of your original research, and in the case of doctoral research, the Graduate School requires publication of the dissertation and abstract in its original form. The abstract states the problem, describes the methods and procedures used, and gives the main results or conclusions of the research. You must be the only author or the first author of the papers to be used in the dissertation. The bibliography should always begin on a new page. In Depth Because writing a thesis or dissertation can be challenging, Cornell offers plenty of support. Number this page as iii. Copyright Office. Acknowledgements Suggested numbering: v may be more than one page Type number s on page s. Body of the Dissertation or Thesis: Text Required?

The papers-option dissertation or thesis must meet all format and submission requirements, and a singular referencing convention must be used throughout. If you exceed that limit, assistantship and fellowship payments will stop and you will have to pay prorated tuition.

Words in the title are important access points to researchers who may use keyword searches to identify works in various subject areas.

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Submission : Theses and dissertations are made available through the Cornell library, and doctoral dissertations are also included in the ProQuest national repository.

Suggested numbering: vii may be more than one page If included, type number s on page s.

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Thesis and Dissertation : Graduate School