Coronary heart disease thesis statement

This disease is called coronary artery disease.

In some cases, a. Often these changes are recorded on an electrocardiogram.

coronary artery disease essay

Be sure to list references if your teacher requests them. An arsenal of medicines taken with IHD, is quite large, and usually the patient is taking several medications from different groups, namely nitrates — to prevent attacks; antiplatelet therapy — blood thinners prevention of thrombotic events ; blockers — normalize rhythm; calcium antagonists — expanding coronary vessels feeding the myocardium; statins and fibrates — reduce cholesterol in the blood; drugs that enhance metabolism in the cardiac muscle.

Coronary — means that the effects are on the coronary arteries, ie arteries supplying the heart.

It is like a pacemaker but is slightly more sophisticated and is used for people who have heart arrythmia problems rather than heart vessel blockage. As the buildup grows the heart gets less and less blood supply thereby depleting it of oxygen. The most common type of heart disease is coronary artery disease. The left ventricle of the heart is most susceptible to CAD. The buildup is called atherosclerosis. Preventive measures: Full, balanced, regular meals. Here is an example of something that I would be interested in writing about, and good writing comes from an interested writer. As the main etiology behind coronary artery ischemia is the plaque rupture, methods to prevent plaque rupture, plaque stabilization, decreasing plaque formation and searching risk markers for sudden plaque rupture should be discovered. Its true 3 : OK, I love doing thesis statements. When blood is can no longer long flow to the heart, it causes a heart attack. Balloon — means that the recovery of the affected coronary artery lumen occurs by balloon inflation in vasoconstriction. The patient did receive information on what CAD is and was informed that test were needed to fully diagnose and be evaluated for underlying conditions high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol levels, diabetes and blockage. These attacks are provoked by factors like high blood pressure, alcohol, hearty meal, low temperatures. Once you have decided that, you can begin to brainstorm for ideas with that field.

This disease is not only important to me but it should be to everyone else because we could have it and not realize it by the subtle symptoms. Absence of stress, refusal of bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking, control of blood pressure, can help prevent IHD and heart diseases in general.

Coronary heart disease thesis statement
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