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As nurses, we want to eliminate irrelevant, inconsistent and illogical thoughts as we reason about client care. A nurse could write a nursing diagnosis that reads Coping is ineffective, as can be seen by the inability to cope. Intellectual Traits and Habits of Thought To develop as a critical thinker one must be motivated to develop the attitudes and dispositions of a fair-minded thinker. The main critical thinking skills in which nursing students should be exercised during their studies are critical analysis, introductory and concluding justification, valid conclusion, distinguish of facts and opinions, evaluation the credibility of information sources, clarification of concepts and recognition of conditions. Problem Solving Problem solving helps to acquire knowledge as nurse obtains information explaining the nature of the problem and recommends possible solutions which evaluate and select the application of the best without rejecting them in a possible appeal of the original. What the thinker is attempting to figure out. Specific behaviors are essentials for enhancing critical thinking. I need to understand the implications and consequences of the author's thinking.

Perseverance The perseverance shown by nurses in exploring effective solutions for patient problems and nursing each determination helps to clarify concepts and to distinguish related issues despite the difficulties and failures.

The purpose or goal of the thinking. Oermann M. Nurse's who are critical thinkers value intellectually challenging situations and are self-confident in their well reasoned thoughts. Also, it approaches issues when solving problems that are often used is the empirical method, intuition, research process and the scientific method modified These skills include critical analysis, introductory and concluding justification, valid conclusion, distinguishing facts and opinions to assess the credibility of sources of information, clarification of concepts, and recognition conditions 67.

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Critical thinkers are able to look at their biases and do not let them compromise their thinking processes. With critical thinking being important in all processes of problem solving, the nurse considers all possible solutions and decides on the choice of the most appropriate solution for each case Critical thinking, critical practice.

Nurses have to get rid of inconsistent, irrelevant and illogical thinking as they think about patient care. Based upon those three skills, the nurse can then use clinical reasoning to determine what the problem is. The dilemma of decision —making processing thinking critical to nursing.

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Critical thinking is fundamental to the work nurses contribute daily and must be included in future studies that measure workload. Dillon Beach, CA: Author: Logic errors also can happen when a thinking makes generalizations and does not think about the evidence. The dilemma of decision —making processing thinking critical to nursing. All thinking can be examined in light of these standards and as we reflect on the quality of our thinking we begin to recognize when we are being unclear, imprecise, vague or inaccurate. Journal for Nurses in Staff Development. Health Science Journal. The nurse must believe that life should be considered as invaluable regardless of the condition of the patient, with the patient often believing that quality of life is more important than duration. Bandman EL, Baundman G.
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