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In order to curb these disasters, we must plant more trees. Join more than 50, subscribers receiving regular updates! The area of land that undergoes the most deforestation is the tropical rainforests. Because carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, it causes global warming. It can be said to mean removal of strands of trees or forests and the conversion of such area of land to a use that is totally non-forest in nature. Overgrazing: Overgrazing in jungles finishes recently renewed development. Thus, to prevent deforestation we must try to reduce that need by making smarter choices in paper usage, city planning, migration, etc. Natural disasters as a result of global warming are very destructive both to animate and inanimate objects in the environment. The forests are extremely important to man and the wild animal. Impacts of Deforestation: Deforestation has a great impact on the ecosystem in different ways.

Hence, the forests end up as the production centres of many goods. The construction of roads and railways particularly in hilly terrains, setting up of big irrigation projects have caused enough destruction to forest and accelerated the natural process of denudation.

It is estimated that every year about one million hectare land is degraded by shifting cultivation.

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This era is characterized by a hedonistic attitude of the people, coupled with total disregard for the environment. This has, in turn, led to the alteration of rainfall patterns in different regions. Problems relating to use and conservation of natural resources in developing countries are qualitatively different than those of developed countries.

There has been no form of agreement from experts on if industrial form of logging is a very important contributing factor to deforestation globally. Related Articles:.

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List of Essay on Deforestation in English Essay on Deforestation — Essay 1 Words Introduction: Deforestation is the process of clearing trees and forest for other uses. Natural disasters as a result of global warming are very destructive both to animate and inanimate objects in the environment. In areas, where bamboos are cut and burnt, K- rich ash accumulates for jhum crop. Instead of doing only the cutting part humans should practice forestation along with deforestation. Effect on Biodiversity: There is a biodiversity decline due to deforestation. This has, without doubt, led to deforestation. Supply of raw materials to the forest based industries is another major cause of forest destruction in the hills. Such an increase has resulted in acute shortage of land. Studies have shown that about 48 percent of all deforestation is as a result of subsistence farming and 32 percent of deforestation is as a result of commercial agriculture. Many diseases such as heart rot, blister rust, oak will, phloem necrosis and Dutch elm disease, etc. Traditional agricultural systems are Zabo, terrace construction and jhum or shifting cultivation. Essay 2. Absence of trees cause a reduced vapor retention in the atmosphere which result in adverse climate changes. What needs to be done is the proper execution of the rules so that everyone abides by it.

All India GWI is a dismal 0. Other adverse factors such as lack of stable soil, aridity, swampiness, biotic agencies, commercial exploitation, etc.

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