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The question of why life can be unjustly cruel is asked today and has been asked since the beginning of time.

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Candide Vs The Book Of Job 1, words Religion has been a staple of human society since the dawn of recorded history and probably traces back even further. And he continues:. ISBN cloth : alk.

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A lot of them seem to be long winded and boring, while others just seem to be irrelevant, meaning; the knowledge does not interest the average reader simply because it does not pertain to them In point of fact, however, the creation could only be experienced by finite beings such as ourselves as unfathomably complex and therefore mostly ambiguous.

A myth is a story, which can by written or spoken, that has four purposes for being told: it expresses humanity's fear of nature, it helps to explain the creation of the universe, it gives the reader moral guidelines that should be followed, and finally, it instructs the reader on how to cope with challenges th Jones tells how he is inspired to write the story of Job in the Old Testament from the Bible and how it relates in his life.

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