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In what could be a bad Freudian joke, Anastos develops testicular cancer in the course of his undercover work--and it's almost always when he's in bed with the capo's daughter that he becomes aware of the painful lump developing in his groin.

I went on to write a monthly column about my family and ultimately a collection of sixty of those were edited into short essays that ended up in my book.

Before leaving for a meeting with bosses in New Jersey, he turned over all his jewelry and cash and the keys to his apartment to the bartender of his neighborhood tavern.

Family secrets and lies

Keeping secrets within a family can ignite feelings of suspicion and resentment among family members. In case number one, I was the younger child who, upon entering elementary school, was coached by the family to state that my father was dead. Keeping secrets within a marriage, or any significant adult relationship, can cause a breakdown in communication. Keeping secrets within a family can create a false sense of reality, especially among children. I Homosexuality: When I was a young man, studying for my PhD, the head of my dissertation committee admitted to all of us, students and faculty alike, that he had left his marriage of 25 years and his adult daughters, in order to live in a homosexual relationship with his lover. He wears women's underwear under his clothes. She didn't want to leave her husband because she did not believe the lover could maintain a serious relationship leading to marriage. For though the book hints that his undercover work contributed to both the Pizza Connection heroin-conspiracy case and a case on John Gotti, his involvement in either case is not spelled out.

Letters, photos, objects locked hidden away at the back of a drawer, perhaps memories of past events too painful to think about. When they committed the act of rape, they ordered their victims to behave in certain ways.

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The reward of working with a frame is the fact that it makes it less difficult that you chat about the significance of the story, especially in the event you use the current day to flashback to the past. C Rape: I have a number of female patients who were raped either during their early adolescence, late adolescence or adulthood, and who kept the crime a complete secret.

Did you grow up in a family where secrets were kept from family members?

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BrandonAmbrosino: Family Secrets, A Personal Essay on Domestic Violence for Baltimore Magazine