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Therefore, they are easily implemented without requiring exact proof of activity and do not take into account the rights of the gang members that are being violated. This in fact was successful during the s, but led to failure after the police and Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI used military tactics to control unwanted behavior in the s, but led to an increase in crime and imprisonment. This increases the life chances for some but limits and causes "premature death" for others. The loss of value in properties affected once an injunction is implemented also is costly and can reach a cost of Fruitvale district and North Side Oakland are now considered as possible prime real estate areas. For instance, the targeted areas are not always where the highest crime rate is taking place. Criminal activities committed by street gangs strike fear in those who live among them and gang injunctions, in general, can provide a sense of control and security for neighborhoods. When an injunction is implemented, the property of the entire community decreases which only exacerbates problems for the whole community rather than only aiming at gangs. Another argument is that the fear that injunctions implement on gang members is what leads to effective injunctions and have This proves the effectiveness of some injunctions as crime rates are known to decrease by five percent in the first year of injunctions. The increase of punishment can be argued that it will lead to higher violations of civil rights , as more power is given to authorities.

This is the result of gerrymandering and the mass incarceration of African Americans. This causes many innocent people to be unfairly included under the gang injunction.

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The loss of value in properties affected once an injunction is implemented also is costly and can reach a cost of Then attorneys can review the recommendations and act, which keeps the public involved in the process and allows for public sentiments regarding the said non-offenders to help determine whether or not the individual is able to have the name removed from the list.

During the operation Thursday, 16 people were arrested. However, it is impossible to impose uniform standards on injunctions and a balance must be reached between the need to identify and punish suspected criminals and ensuring that their everyday liberties are not violated.

Gangs in Fruitvale are primarily of Latino descent and within areas where people who cannot afford the high prices of real estate in other areas, such as San Francisco, are now moving to in large numbers.

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Bill of Rights violated as pointed out by the American Civil Liberties Union ACLU are the 1st amendment of freedom of association and the 5th amendment and 14th amendment rights to due process.

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