Gcse english essay help

Written in clear paragraphs? When you make a point, refer to the text and give an example to back up what you say.

igcse english essay examples

Answered the question? Concision and brevity were key in the teaching here.

gcse english essay help

Introduction This should be brief; you could include what your main view is and what other ideas you have. When you have finished a paragraph read it through and ask yourself. Try to avoid making it chatty, so avoid using abbreviations e. Thinking beyond the text While these introductions technically introduced the focus of the students' essays, they were frequently little more than a rephrasing of the essay question.

Now we just need to work on saying what they said. Sana Master is an English teacher at a school in Yorkshire. And finally, do they change — do they learn anything across the story? A good quotation can be a line or two long or just a few words from a line. Not asking for much, then.

They need to signpost their essay making strong connections in the extract or whole text.

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