Global delivery takeaway food market 2014 2018

The company has more than 44, restaurant partners in over 1, U.

global online food delivery market

It offers both online and traditional takeaway services. T Analysis, the global Delivery Takeaway Food market research report provides thorough judgment of the global Delivery Takeaway Food market. Snapfinger was founded in and today boasts multiple remote ordering applications for major restaurant brands including Boston Market, Outback, California Pizza Kitchen and many others.

Numerous properties of global Delivery Takeaway Food market like upcoming aspects, limitations, and growth factors related to every segment [Household, Office, Others] of the report have been put up thoroughly.

Grubhub Grubhub is an online and mobile food-ordering company that connects diners with food from local restaurants. Zomato Zomato is a restaurant search and discovery service founded in To study the major players in the world North America, China, Europe, India, Japan, Southeast Asiato study the sales, value and market size of major players in the world.

Headquartered in New York, delivery. Foodler Foodler is an online food ordering service that connects consumers with a wide variety of restaurants for immediate delivery. Yemeksepeti Yemeksepeti is an online food ordering company providing the facility to place food orders on-line from an affiliated network of restaurants without charging the user any extra fees.

global food delivery market size

The company has over 15, locations worldwide as ofand is a subsidiary of Yum!

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The changing market for food delivery