Hapiness essay

Introduction Happiness is probably as the old topic.

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Some people may find their happiness in being in a romantic relationship. Real happiness is more than brief positive feelings but rather a lasting state of peace or contentedness When you hear your cell phone ring or you get a text message it makes you happy.

Hapiness essay

And this could only be achieved by deciding to be happy. What they need to remember is that the main focus of what we do is research, and there is nothing unethical about research.

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Everyone basically, comes together after church and we sit down and eat lunch together and then spend the rest of the day talking and just enjoying each others company. Also, going out with my sister and cousin on the weekends is always brings happiness into my life. According to Morris , "strong marriages, family ties, and friendships predict happiness, as do spirituality and self-esteem" p. None of the things mentioned solely leads to happiness. If someone does not have sufficient money to live a decent life, probably, winning jack-pot could be a real happiness for that person. We exchange news, share experiences, learn about new developments and interesting facts — all of this is in the nature of human. Our interaction with one another provides us with social structure and gives us the ability to construct social norms in our communities. Unfortunately, this overstated fable is far from real. Both authors concur that two factors that might escort people to satisfaction are relationships and personality. Though it is important to follow the guidelines mentioned above, what you write in your essay is often far more important than how you write it. The key to being happy is simplicity; adding materialism and technology is the downfall to the delighted.

Living in a materialistic society causes individuals to develop a lack of understanding behind the true meaning that there is more to life than beauty, glamour, and acceptance by others.

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Descriptive Essay Sample: "Happiness Is"