Higher education in puerto rico

As in the United States, these programs are rarely offered publicly, but rather operated by private, for-profit institutions and non-profit organizations, including religious institutions such as the Roman Catholic Church, the preferred faith for the majority of the population.

And as an academic scholar at this university in Puerto Rico, you won't have much time to be bored, anyway.

Higher education in puerto rico

If you have a degree you can get a better job on the mainland. The reasons are as formidable as they have been generally unnoticed outside Puerto Rico, where attention drawn by the hurricanes has moved on even as countless roofs continue to be covered by blue plastic tarpaulins and innumerable broken windows by plywood.

Located near the largest radio telescope in the world and an immense pharmaceutical and biotechnological complex, UPR Arecibo offers practical degrees for local residents.

history of education in puerto rico

In addition to the institutions just mentioned, Puerto Ricans also dispose of numerous private or proprietary postsecondary schools that do not quite fit the portrait ascribed to a college and university.

Out of a population of 3. More money has been poured into the administrative, teaching staff and supervisory sections of the Education Department.

puerto rico school district
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