How to write a follow up email for job offer

Assume the best — that the hiring manager is simply busy and has not yet had time to read your application or respond to you.

Keep it to one paragraph indicating that you are still interested in the job and looking for an update. Fine line between being desperate and gracious Many follow-up emails by applicants tend to be overbearing and this tends to be a major turn-off to hiring managers.

The truth is such a decision takes much time.

follow up email after sending resume

Begin the email by thanking the employer for taking the time to look at and consider your resume. I am thankful for the time you took to review my candidacy and calling me back for a second interview for the job. More concise is appropriate for most cases. Accept or reject the offer? If you have any new information you want to share such as a new achievement at workyou might mention that here.

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job application follow up email sample
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How to Write a Follow