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Alternatively, you may combine these types of data when the role of your secondary data is to outline descriptive information that supports your research. Another type of internal data is transport data.

primary and secondary research methods

When signed into Google, the site, though still in Beta, is also highly customizable. Each organisation keeps a track of its sales records, and thus your data may provide information on sales by geographical area, types of customer, product prices, types of product packaging, time of the year, and the like.

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Investors will likely be interested in taking economic trends into account, before placing their earnings into one single stock. Primary research is based on raw data. Here are the steps involved in conducting secondary research: 1. One of the most obvious advantages is that, compared to primary research, secondary research is inexpensive. Primary research Primary research or field research gathers original information directly for your purpose, rather than being gathered from published sources. Google Finance Website: www. In all these examples, outcome variables were assessed by questionnaires, and thus the obtained data was numerical. External sources of data, on the other hand, are those that are external to an organisation or a research institution.

Following are popularly used secondary research methods and examples: 1. All researchers need to establish that their data is reliable and valid.

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MSN Money Website: www. Also, check out their forum-like StockTalk section.

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Secondary Research: Examples, Types, Methods, Sources Guide