How to write an academic film review

This is where your film geek can really shine.

how to write a movie review pdf

For example, if the director uses a lot of close-up shots, she may be stressing personal decision-making. Gradual transitions and subtle camera movements serve a specific purpose, as well. Include examples from the scenes you noted earlier.

In terms of plot think about how the story develops and what the underlying meaning is — look at the subtle undertones as well as the obvious. The language used; the meter and the tone, the depth and speed of talking and language style will also set a mood for a scene and change our perception of the situation and the characters roles.

Basically, your research should serve to collect information that provides more depth to the review Analyze the movie after you watching it. After a brief blurb about the overarching story line, film genre and timeframe of the film, offer a lot of detail about how the producers achieved goals in terms of being evocative and captivating the audience.

Never underestimate the importance of well-structured outline, regardless of the type of paper you have to write. Title of the film or documentary: Be sure to name the film in your first paragraph. If you are viewing a motion picture for your history class, be sure to make note of embellishments or over-dramatization.

Did they have good acting skills? Watching a film in the company of other people and discussing it along the way.

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How to write a Movie Review? The Complete Guide