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Your students may be eligible for credit for some modules if they have studied accounting, finance, law or business at degree level or through another professional qualification.

The Advanced Level exams can be taken in July and November.

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Students will be permitted a maximum of four attempts at each Certificate and Professional Level exam, and unlimited attempts at the Advanced Level exams. Our BPT Masterclass contains: Workshops on examination technique, including advice on how to read the examination paper and correctly estimate the likely marks breakdown Skeleton Notes which review all key company tax, individual tax, VAT and Stamp Duty topics by working backwards from real model answers to understand which areas tend to be tested the most Detailed tutor "talkthroughs" of past papers and mock exams to show you how to use the Exhibit information correctly and explaining all technical issues raised Our emphasis in the course is on seeing the above technical content in context so we have integrated detailed reviews of past paper, mock exam and Question Bank questions into our lectures to ensure that you can see how the technical content is likely to be examined.

Our course also includes detailed tutor "Talkthroughs" of past paper, mock exam and Question Bank questions.

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I noticed a huge difference in quality and the BPT Masterclass surpassed all of my expectations. Detailed advice on examination technique As BPT is one of the "Business Planning" options at the Professional Level, you will be expected to demonstrate certain skills to a greater extent than in other Professional Level papers.

If you have already completed studies in a relevant field — accountancy, finance or business — you can apply to the ICAEW for Credit for Prior Learning by filling out their application form online.

Icaew past papers business planning taxation of social security

Students will need to sit one version of the Financial Accounting and Reporting exam. Following the credit crunch there has, arguably, never been a greater need for qualified accountants possessing expert knowledge of the latest banking and insurance regulations. We have launched the course today with 24 hours of original video content which can be viewed as often as you wish. An authorised training employer or principal will guide their students on the exams which are right for them. The multiple-choice assessments — generally lasting one hour — consist of six modules: The ICAEW code of ethics Fundamental ethical principles of accountancy The threats and safeguards applicable to those ethical principles Potential conflicts of interest The considerations for professional accountants in practice The considerations for professional accountants in business environments As this is such an important area, the ACA qualification requires that candidates regularly revisit these modules and assessments. To find out more about the course, please view the short trailer video below or click on any of the session names at the course page available here to see what each session contains. All our on-demand courses can be viewed as many times as you wish, providing you with a chance to review tricky content - ideal for some of the more complex areas of the BPT syllabus. Find out more Enhancing the exam experience with technology Computer-based exams, at the ACA Professional and Advanced Levels, are being introduced over a two-year period. Therefore, our BPT Masterclass includes several workshops dedicated to examination technique. The Case Study presents a complex business issue which challenges your students ability to problem solve, identify ethical implications and provide effective solutions. The Case Study tests all the knowledge, skills and experience gained so far. Ethics and Professional Scepticism This component of the ACA qualification considers some of the ethical and behavioural aspects of the profession.
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