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As you consider the options, remember we serve a God who made each of us for a purpose, and He is fully able to guide us toward fulfilling it.

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Should your son or daughter consider a lower-cost and perhaps more-marketable education at a vocational school — or maybe a certification program in an area such as accounting or computer programming? In Aug. Although some people argue that high school graduates who begin work immediately after graduation will get a leg up on someone attending college, the college graduate will start to catch up and outpace lifetime earnings of the higher school graduate by age Students nationwide are keeping this in mind, and making smart financial choices. The vast majority with degrees in the humanities and social sciences are employed, and at salaries significantly higher than those having earned only a high school diploma. Note: The sharpest increases in average indebtedness occurred between and I've written about these topics and others in a variety of outlets including The At In a market economy, steady price increases are difficult to maintain without an accompanying increase in quality. While such aid surely makes college more accessible for some, the perverse overall effect is to drive prices even higher. Would a specialized two-year degree be sufficient?

However, 95 percent of employers say they give hiring preferences to college graduates with capabilities that enable them to contribute to innovation in the workplace. Our campus serves the students who might not otherwise be provided with an opportunity to earn a degree that brings a more financially secure and rewarding life.

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With public support flailing and rising costs, does it really make sense to attend college after high school? Yet there are ways students can make their degree a better investment… Public Opinion and Rising Costs According to a Pew Research surveypublic opinion regarding colleges and universities has taken a negative turn.

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The Education Pays report also clarifies that while pay will generally be higher for a college graduate than a high school graduate, the pay difference will vary based on the type of work the person goes into after graduation.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, of the 30 projected fastest growing jobs between andfive do not require a high school diploma, nine require a high school diploma, four require an associate's degree, six require a bachelor's degree, and six require graduate degrees.

Students nationwide are keeping this in mind, and making smart financial choices. As of May.

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Article Table of Contents Skip to section Expand. College graduates report being happier and more satisfied with their work. In many instances, the answer is still YES. Has real-life experience. The table at right shows the increases in average annual sticker prices over the past 30 years — at a rate nearly three times that of overall inflation. Regional, public campuses, like Indiana University Northwest, play a critical role in creating access to higher education, ensuring that all students have an opportunity to invest in their future through personal, affordable and life-changing education. Have you wondered if a college degree is worth it? Many people tend to think of college as a means to an end — getting a good paying job, but instead, people should think of college as a long-term investment. With Unless the diverse students of our nation see the value in a degree, and have the opportunity to succeed academically and complete their degrees, none of the nation's goals for increasing numbers of college graduates are attainable, or even meaningful. Thus far, however, higher education has been able to turn basic economics on its head. Earnings data, however, must be placed into a larger financial context. Whether they co-signed for a child or grandchild's education, or took out loans for their own educations, in there were 6.

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Education Is Worth the Investment