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This subject particularly pertains to the business side of social media, however, the research can be applied in multiple fields of study.

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The list could go on, but the key point is that you want to make your audience see the same opening you do and pique their interest in how you propose to fill it. A journal can be very similar to a log or a diary since they all have similar features as their purpose is to recount information but however they are contrasted to each other because a learning journal is not a personal diary at all therefore it cannot include any personal detail from the writer but there can be learning and evidence in a learning journal This is why the human race was scared Our paper examples will save your hours and days of desperate writing and look for academic assistance.

A thesis statement refers to the sentence that carries the topic being discussed in the whole essay. I have used two academic research based journals Baluch et al, in the Journal of Human Resource Management and Hyde et al, in the Journal of Health Organization and Management.

Planning for Higher Education, Vol33, n 2.

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Journal Essay Examples