Leadership in project management

A project manager will need to be a strong leader but must also be able to be an effective team member in respect of the programme or portfolio.

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Team building, flexibility, communication, and effective strategizing abilities are mandatory for effective project leadership Maambo Therefore, effective leaders should ensure they apply effective communication skills and strategies that will ensure effective flow of information within the project team.

In order to lead a project, you must be able to clearly communicate your vision, goals, guidelines, and expectations to others.

Any process that has to be conducted or an action that has to be taken in any particular angle of the project has to have the approval of the project leader as the decision maker of the project. Project Management.

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That decision will be influenced by the leader using an appropriate style of leadership that takes account of both the situation and the readiness of people to follow. Encourage staff to approach you to discuss any queries or difficulties if they need to rather than undermine them by constantly checking up on them and they will feel more valued.

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Effective project leadership : project manager skills and competencies