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You can work on your own time and charge a fee based on your skill and project delivery.

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You need to do proper market research before starting this business. Thus starting manufacturing plant related to sports items could be profitable affair. So amazingly, this start up business idea is focused on providing a range of online services to various small and medium businesses. Should you possess some special skills, you can definitely start your own small business with low investment. Food trucks offer the same kind of potential to those looking to get into low-cost-high-returns business, considering their growing appeal among the urban masses today. If someone asks me to talk about good investments or business ideas, I can talk for nonstop 5 to 6 hours. Making of Fertilizer The next business is fertilizer manufacturing. The company's eight-strong team handles support and moderation from Chennai and Bangalore. You can work on custom made festival gifts. Foreigners and domestic visitors want to get a first hand feel of the city by walking on the streets, mingling with locals and experiencing sights and sounds of the place. Nowadays, customers want the best food on their tables without making the efforts to go and get it and this is where a food delivery company can come in handy. Cookery Classes In case a skillful professional cook does not fancy the idea of slogging it out at a restaurant or food truck business, there is an alternative — cookery classes. Lender If you have a lot of money, you can become a moneylender and start your own lending business. In this business, you need to sell IT Hardware items such as laptops, desktops, servers, hard disks, network devices, mouse, speaker etc.

Hence, governments of various Indian states provide subsidies and facilities to people who can harvest mushrooms. Moreover, consumers nowadays are wary of consuming foodstuff that contains chemicals of any sort.

If you can manage sourcing of organic food from farmers on regular basis you can start this business. Fast Food Parlor Fast food is the first choice for everyone.

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Courier Shop Courier shop is an evergreen business option. If you possess the older type record players, audio and video cassette players, you can enter into this business of digitizing old recordings. Especially when you have to go for a work-trip or a vacation. If you have expertise in maintaining and growing good landscape you can start this business. This idea requires an investment of small amount. Painter Every once in a while, people look to give their residential or official places a make-over, and so they consult one who can paint. Business ideas for an investment of Rs 4,00, - Cleaning water tanks Water tanks are an indispensable part of the household, commercial building, school, hospital or any other structure and help in storing water. Other like-minded people can become a member of this store or group and you can carry out marketing for product sell. You can earn hefty commission from every transaction. After gaining popularity you need to apply for youtube channel partner program. You can start this business from the moderate capital. A profit margin associated with this business is very high. If you are a skilled painter, your job will attract a number of clients in no time and will see you earning good money.

This is one of the creative small business ideas. The target? Paan is widely used as mouth freshener in India.

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Therefore, they look for small businesses that can perform the required task. You can serve Ethnic Food for your community at your home. The only real thing they need to spend their money on is to attend classes on the particular foreign language to become fluent enough to practise it. However, you need to ensure proper supply of raw material and have good packaging. Most tuition-teachers take classes in their own homes, thus eliminating any expenditure on rent and supplies. Products Sell on Facebook The next online business idea is selling product on Facebook. You can succeed in this kind of business if you carve out a particular niche for yourself, this would ensure that clients know you for that niche. This is one of the good small business ideas for small towns.

Manufacturing of few products from this segment is banned in the several foreign countries. You have to be extremely good in communication and creativity in order to succeed in this business.

Address verification service Banks, credit card issuers and mobile phone companies often require physical verification of addresses provided by customers. So be sure to include her as you, say, tally what money has come in, what has gone out, and what you earned.

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Most Successful Small Business Ideas for beginners in India