Modern medicine versus traditional medicine

Examples of alternative medicine include: Acupuncture Chiropractic care Reiki, which is an energy therapy that relies on the practitioner to use healing energy to mend imbalances by placing their hands gently over the body.

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The placebo effect is a well-documented scientific phenomenon. Others have not been heavily studied — and some have even been found to be harmful.

Difference between traditional medicine and modern medicine pdf

However, these well-known advantages contribute to one of several criticisms of traditional medicine. Heart disease, prostate cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other chronic diseases now account for three-quarters of our health-care spending. The main difference between traditional medicine and alternative medicine is the approach. Aggressive marketing that makes unsubstantiated claims has antagonized many in the medical establishment. Many alternative products can be found on shelves next to traditional medicines. In these contexts where traditional medicine has strong historical and cultural roots, practitioners are usually well-known members of the community who command respect and are supported by public confidence in their abilities and remedies. The medicaments used in TM are mostly derived from natural products.

People may also mistrust their doctors. Kampo is the TM of Japan. Treatment is individualized to meet specific needs. Modern medicine vs alternative medicine: different levels of evidence. Countries aiming to integrate the best from traditional and modern medicine would do well to look not at the many differences between the two approaches.

The Bottom Line… Regardless of which branch of medicine you prescribe to, you should ensure that any medications, supplements, or treatments you are utilizing are safe — discuss with your healthcare provider.

Advantages of modern medicine

Alternative medicine is widely accepted and used throughout the world. In addition, there is less regulations in place for the safety of herbs. During these few minutes, the doctor is expected to act, not talk, to order medicines, tests, and other interventions. As such, taking an herb that has been untested can lead to toxicity, especially in people who are ill and the elderly. Abstract Natural products and traditional medicines are of great importance. The efforts of the industry should not be sacrificed for the ideals of better care from physicians. The US is beginning to catch up.

Controlled clinical trials can evaluate the intervention or the herbal product, but not the full experience. A recent study has found that some physicians in Japan use Kampo medicines in their daily practice—sometimes as the preferred medication [ 293031 ].

Such forms of medicine as traditional Chinese medicine TCMAyurveda, Kampo, traditional Korean medicine TKMand Unani employ natural products and have been practiced all over the world for hundreds or even thousands of years, and they have blossomed into orderly-regulated systems of medicine.

Some doctors are strictly traditional practitioners, others are strictly alternative, but some practice both together.

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The Traditional Medicine and Modern Medicine from Natural Products