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Cajun Joe Kurt Katch finds the girl wandering listlessly in the swamps, calling out the name "Kharis". Could sealed tombs house pathogens that can be dangerous or even deadly to those who open them after thousands of years—especially people like Lord Carnarvon with weakened immune systems?

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The creature, sensing Ragheb's betrayal, advances on his former ally. Today scientists wear protective medical masks when they enter a burial tomb.

Who was the first person to die as a result of ?the curse??

George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon, financial backer of the excavation team who was present at the tomb's opening, died on 5 April after a mosquito bite became infected; he died 4 months and 7 days after the opening of the tomb. Ninety years on, it is still ingrained in our collective consciousness, ready for the next time we feel particularly anxious about or disappointed in science. By the s, it provided inspiration not only for novels and horror films but also for a stream of supposedly factual books and documentaries. Out of 44 identified Westerners, 25 were present during an opening or examination. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle , creator of Sherlock Holmes , suggested that Lord Carnarvon's death had been caused by "elementals" created by Tutankhamun's priests to guard the royal tomb, and this further fueled the media interest. Nelson of Monash University, Australia, examined the survival rates of 44 Westerners identified by Carter as being in Egypt during the examination of the tomb. While in their care, and although apparently suffering from amnesia, the girl displays an incredible knowledge of ancient Egypt. If they were not completely healthy, they could become very sick. It became infected and blood poisoning resulted. When the tomb was first discovered, there were reports of a message written in ancient hieroglyphics on the outside of the tomb. Everyone seems to like the mysterious, the magical and the unusual and they are fascinated with ancient Egypt. Dominic Montserrat, an Egyptologist from the Open University, traced the first mention to a science-fiction book called The Mummy! He reported how Carter sent a messenger on an errand to his house. He orders her death, but Ragheb kills him instead.

He enters the tent and whisks away his Princess, leaving the horrified Betty unhurt. The Anonymous and Austin stories predate Alcott's piece, raising the possibility that even earlier "lost" mummy curse prototype fiction awaits rediscovery.

Her latest book is The Shadow King I shall cast the fear of myself into him". It became infected and blood poisoning resulted.

The old sacristan of the monastery William Farnum intrudes on their ritual, and is promptly executed by a risen Kharis. Rumours quickly spread that Carter had found warnings in the tomb itself. They know that even if it has been open for a while, there is still a chance that there is active mold and bacteria that could cause discomfort.

But like all good curses, that of Tutankhamen's tomb stuck around in the public's imagination.

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The Mummy's Curse