Name two common database security features explain with examples

Application contexts thus permit flexible, parameter-based access control using attributes of interest to an application.

database security threats and the countermeasures

This type of data could be easily captured with the help of sniffers. There are two distinct categories of privileges: Schema Object Privileges See Also: Oracle Database Administrator's Guide for a list of all system and schema object privileges, as well as instructions for privilege management System Privileges A system privilege is the right to perform a particular action, or to perform an action on any schema objects of a particular type.

What is data independence and why is it important? Content-based access control: In this, access is granted based on the contents. More awareness should be spread about the importance of data security.

Cybercriminals take advantage of these failures to make a profit and, as a result, your business is under risk of being busted. Limits are set and measured in CPU one-hundredth seconds 0. Also, the simpler its functional structure — the more chances to ensure good protection of each database feature.

Then, you grant the secure application role to other roles or to specific users. For starters, you may apply an encryption tool to encrypt the entire database. Before enabling the role, the application can perform authentication and customized authorization, such as checking whether the user has connected through a proxy.

Repetition of passwords for multiples accounts should be avoided.

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Chapter 3 Characteristics and Benefits of a Database