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Polemical Introduction[ edit ] A public that tries to do without criticism, and asserts that it knows what it wants or likes, brutalizes the arts and loses its cultural memory.

Northrop frye

The death cast a pall over his parents. It was like the Bunyan feeling, about the burden of sin falling off his back, only with me it was a burden of anxiety. Hart, Jonathan. He was appointed chancellor of Victoria in , a position he held until his death. Anagogic Phase: Symbol as Monad[ edit ] Between religion's "this is" and poetry's "but suppose this is" there must always be some kind of tension, until the possible and the actual meet at infinity. Ten-Year Labor on Blake Heavily influenced by British scholars of myth, particularly James Frazer, he worked diligently on the Blake book from to , finally producing Fearful Symmetry. He would go on to publish four more collections: The stubborn structure: essays on criticism and society Ithaca, N. After a brief stint as student minister in Saskatchewan, he was ordained as a minister of the United Church of Canada. He spurned any evaluative, aesthetic factors as too subjective.

Further Reading on Northrop Frye While Frye was a notable prose stylist, his writing is conceptually dense and difficult. Frye produced a much simpler book for general readers, The Educated Imagination, in Now religion and art are the two most important phenomena in the world; or rather the most important phenomenon, for they are basically the same thing.

But unity was not achieved at the expense of variety, and he never tires of insisting that opposites are never resolved by reconciliation, harmony, or agreement. Chapter 8, p.

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Eleanor Cook et al. At the level of ordinary consciousness the individual man is the centre of everything, surrounded on all sides by what he isn't.

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To do so, claims Frye, … leaves out the central structural principles that literature derives from myth, the principles that give literature its communicating power across the centuries through all ideological changes. Frye grew up in a Methodist environment in Moncton, New Brunswick.

In he joined the Department of English at Victoria College, arriving with a fat manuscript on Blake under his arm on the day the pact between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany was signed. David Cayley Toronto, But for Frye this is only part of the story: "It is right," he declares, "that the first effort of critical apprehension should take the form of a rhetorical or structural analysis of a work of art.

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