Oil spills how it affects

Oil spills how it affects

Read more Oil spills may impact the environment in the following ways: Physical smothering of organisms: This is caused by oils with a high viscosity, in other words heavy oils. While safety is a priority for oil and gas companies, spills do happen and can have potentially devastating effects on surrounding ecosystems.

Attempts to clean oil spills run the risk of exacerbating these problems, such as controlled burnings of oil slicks that can contribute to air pollution or the dispersants used to dissipate oil slicks, which can potentially increasing the contamination of surrounding water and wildlife.

how do oil spills affect plants

First, some can ignite or explode. Umar Ali 12 June Seabirds are particularly vulnerable to oil spills, which can prevent them from flying or regulating their temperature.

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effects of oil spills on humans

The shiny substance that you see sometimes on top layer of water is nothing but oil which makes it difficult for plants and sea animals to survive. However, it's not so easy to say which kind is worst.

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How Oil Harms Animals and Plants in Marine Environments