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The pH range of urine is 4.

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Microscopic exam: A laboratory technician will examine a small amount of urine under a microscope to look for particles, such as red blood cells, crystals, or white blood cells. How to test urine pH A doctor will look at the color and appearance of the urine.

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Normal Values The normal values range from 4. Some types of kidney disease can cause plugs of material called casts to form in tiny tubes in the kidneys. To get the best results, the urine pH test requires obtaining a clean-catch urine sample. Collecting a urine sample from a small child or baby is done by using a special plastic bag with tape around its opening. Do not touch the rim of the cup to your genital area. On microscopy, there should be no bacteria in uninfected urine, so any bacteria on a gram-stained urine under microscopy is highly correlated to UTI. Your doctor may want to wait to do the test. The lower the number, the more acidic your urine is. Urinate into the toilet or urinal.

Avoid getting toilet paper, pubic hair, stool fecesmenstrual blood, or other foreign matter in the urine sample. Inflammation, disease, or injury to the kidneys, ureters, bladder, or urethra can cause blood in urine.

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What you eat and drink, how much you exercise, and how well your kidneys work can affect what is in your urine. As part of a regular physical examination. A urinary tract infection UTI can cause a bad odor. The foods you eat affect your urine pH, and you want the test to be as accurate as possible in predicting your typical urine pH level. A diet rich in citrus fruits, legumes, and vegetables raises the pH and produces urine that is more alkaline. Avoid getting toilet paper, pubic hair, stool feces , menstrual blood, or other foreign matter in the urine sample. Urine Test Test Overview A urine test checks different components of urine, a waste product made by the kidneys. Your doctor may want to wait to do the test. Odor Normal: Slightly "nutty" odor Abnormal: Some foods such as asparagus , vitamins, and antibiotics such as penicillin can cause urine to have a different odor. This is direct confirmation of bacteria in the urine, which is UTI by definition in patients with symptoms. They may also order a urine pH test to study the effectiveness of kidney stone treatments. These include vitamin B, phenazopyridine Pyridium , rifampin, and phenytoin Dilantin. What abnormal results mean.

In diabetes mellitus when there is not enough insulin type I diabetes mellitus or because of insulin resistance type II diabetes mellitusthere is plenty of glucose, but without the action of insulin, the cells cannot take it up, so it remains in the bloodstream.

Then you carefully remove the bag.

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Talk to your doctor any concerns you have regarding the need for the test, its risks, how it will be done, or what the results will mean. They may also order a urine pH test to study the effectiveness of kidney stone treatments. Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology. Clarity Normal: Clear Abnormal: Cloudy urine can be caused by pus white blood cells , blood red blood cells , sperm, bacteria, yeast, crystals, mucus, or a parasite infection, such as trichomoniasis. Medications such as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors acetazolamide aim to make urine more alkaline, so a doctor may take more than one sample to see whether the pH is changing. Crystal clear urine can be grossly infected. Fever, hard exercise, pregnancy, and some diseases, especially kidney disease, may cause protein to be in the urine. Campbell-Walsh Urology. Bono1; Wanda C. Urine with no color may be caused by long-term kidney disease or uncontrolled diabetes. Chronically high or low pH can lead to disorders, such as the development of kidney stones or osteomalacia.

Drugs that can decrease urine pH include ammonium chloride, thiazide diuretics, and methenamine mandelate. Urinalysis analyzes characteristics of the urine and is used to diagnose diseases. A urine pH test does not cause side effects.

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