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He is the author of pleroma—Reading in Hegel Stanford, Only in them do we experience, albeit in vicarious form, the kinds of choices that real life presents: that is, choices among conflicting values that are in fact incommensurable.

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Literature and language[ edit ] Platofor instance, believed that literary culture and even the lyrics of popular music had a strong impact on the ethical outlook of its consumers. Edith Hamilton and Huntington Cairns.

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As an addendum, philosophy and literature are both systematic presentations. He is the co-editor of Nietzsche as Political Philosopher Owolabi K. Some sought to examine the question of whether it was in fact truly possible to communicate using words, whether it was possible for an author's intended meaning to be communicated to a reader. Ibadan: Options Book and Information Services, Since all literary works, almost by definition, contain notional content, aesthetic theories that rely on purely formal qualities tend to overlook literature. The second broad connection of the two disciplines in question is the idea that they are both constructions in language. As such, techniques and tools developed for literary criticism and literary theory rose to greater prominence in Western philosophy of the late twentieth century. Nussbaum's choice of literary texts are not sufficiently broad, in my view, to invite more readers to engage in this practice of literary philosophizing. The final prices may differ from the prices shown due to specifics of VAT rules About this book This comprehensive Handbook presents the major perspectives within philosophy and literary studies on the relations, overlaps and tensions between philosophy and literature. This cluster of issues concerning the meaning of language and of " writings " sometimes goes by the name of the linguistic turn. In the same way, philosophy is not some doctrines and mysteries unexplainable packed in books that are propagandas of atheism or secularism. According to Oladipo, they are social not just in the general sense of being produced by people who make up the society; rather they are social in majorly two ways both philosophy and Literature are born out of human experiences of an individual or groups and they often treat very abstract matters that arise from a reflective pondering on the phenomena of life. Presumably prolonged, intimate discussion with loved ones in "real life" might rival fictions in complexity and precision.

She is right that Henry James is perceptive in his attention to the often subtle moments of moral living, but some of his novels, The Golden Bowl in particular, are not a particularly inviting or engaging narratives. Reviews "Werner Hamacher's Premises is the heir and successor to the most important theoretical and critical work done in American departments of comparative literature from the s through the s.

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In the same vein, literature has themes that convey morality pedagogically.

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