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Treating beliefs that some are more right than others will impose some sort of hierarchy among them. William Paley's famous Watch Argument, a version of the teleological argument for God's existence, is briefly analyzed. And the supposedly safe answer of atheism which every other theistic argument rebukes. Developed, well-balanced lecture notes from Don Mannison on the traditional areguments for God's existence and the problems arising from the language, science, and free will. Relay corrections, suggestions or questions to larchie at lander. First and foremost, there are four arguments that describes the philosophy of religion which are cosmological arguments, ontological arguments and teleological arguments. Just like morality, I think that human rationality is also somewhat relative to your access to information. In a courtroom, a claim is made against a defendant and if there is sufficient evidence then the jury will decide in favor of the prosecutor.

This is a two way street though, and a designed universe might not appear any different either, perhaps. He has his own personal agenda, he is being pressured by external forces and there are consequences he may like to avoid.

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The Teleological Argument. Discuss An academic presentation of the tenets of major and minor religions, both ancient and modern. There are three stances one can take. Religion and science have similar qualities with each other in the sense that the underlying psychological motivations are born of the same human needs, even though there are other psychological needs that vary. Is it because the defendant had any counter evidence? Critically assess whether it is possible to defend monotheism in the face of the existence of evil. Critically assess the views of Paul Tillich on religious language. Classical Religious Language Religion has been as part of society as far as its beginnings. Just like understanding any other major term in philosophy of religion, completely understanding the existence of variety of human beliefs in this case would be as hard as pinning gelatin to a wall.

Is it because they all are genuinely convinced that the defendant is in fact not guilty? Yet with the contradictions to every argument presented, loose or dead ends appear due to the infinitely vast reality and paradoxically ambiguous of religious beliefs, thus one cannot firmly hold his belief in every ground.

Just as one thinks one has held the whole thing in one point, the rest of it slips away and falls apart.

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These are all important aspect when talking about a religion. Treating beliefs that some are more right than others will impose some sort of hierarchy among them. I would argue that there are features to the universe inherently that makes it depressing and bleak.

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Science was born out of philosophy and has been demonstrated to be up to this point the best way to falsify claims about the world. Soul — Mind, Body, Spirit Assess the claim that disembodied existence is possible. Taoism is often entitled. With access to more information, people can make their own choices to accept or deny, and human emotions are going to influence the majority of human behavior like they always have. These religions have their origins, a set of beliefs, a follower-ship, religious or important texts, a spread of the religion, views on women, dietary habits, holidays and like any thing else it has critiques. First is the idea of pluralism which is spearheaded by John Hick. The same goes for people, religion has a reward and punishment system which is now more commonly taken for a mystical interpretation which you can see by more Christians picking up the eastern view of karma instead of the literal view of eternal punishment in the afterlife in a place called hell. Aristotle rules out an infinite progression of causes, so, that led to the conclusion that there must be a First Cause.

The Default Position Skeptical Atheism is viewing belief as if it were on trial in court. Philosophy of Religion.

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