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Is this a fair system. Prayer or religion is on our currency in the many halls of our justice and federal buildings so no matter where we go, we cannot escape prayer. Image source: Shutterstock. Religious school clubs, after school activities, curriculums, and moments of silence during school are just a few of the court cases that judges have administered. Religion is often times the key that defines who people are. There were certain routines to execute, certain activities of rote habit that you did each and every day. There are different reasons why knowledge of religion and prayer can be important to students. At one time, at my middle school, prayer and pledge of allegiance were said over the school intercom system. Is it constitutional. Combine all these beliefs about religion and people's pride and it is understandable why people are so devoted to their religious beliefs.

Though there is religious freedom due to the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, the government should not allow prayer in school because children should have a choice whether they want religion to be part of their learning and because religion is diverse around the nation These authors claim that exposure to a variety of religious beliefs and traditions is a necessary means to attaining the two goals of providing children with "open futures" and encouraging tolerance of religious diversity.

If the practice of religion were an option in public schools, students may become more tolerant, as well as knowledgeable, of religions and cultures beyond their own In public schools, they are not allowed to hold prayers at all during the school day due to the mixed religion students that are attending the school.

Would it lower the teen pregnancy, HIV, and violence rates; or would it increase the already trying barriers between children today. No one has ever said that you had to understand, support or believe in what your classmates faith was, all one has to do is just to except their faith for what it is and for what they believe in As time passed they realized that having this kind of freedom caused problems between different belief systems If the teachers pray to the students in public schools it might change their attitude.

The counterargument is provided in order to illustrate the opposite vies on the subject.

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Religious faiths believe that this is central to human life.

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Prayer in Public Schools