Research paper on the isps code

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However, the reasons for better supply chain security are more than the risk for future terrorist attacks. Better control of the port area, restriction of unauthorised access and a better working environment are examples of effects that the implementation of the ISPS code has on ports and port activities. With this said, the results presented in this paper regarding this issue are incomplete due to the geographical limitation that is used in this study. This could be understood as either larger ports invested less than what the smaller ports did regarding their annual revenue , which is supported by UNCTAD results, or larger ports had more cargo turnover, which contributed to the shorter ROI time. The attacks occurred mainly along major roads. According to the results from the questionnaire, there is no predefined model for the distribution of costs depending on the ISPS code. To demonstrate the importance of ISPS Code for governments, the shipping industry, and maritime administrators with regards to port security. The second step was three descriptive interviews with Swedish experts in maritime security. The participating ports had a mixed attitude towards factors such as profit, manning, customer satisfaction, service price and competitiveness. This paper addresses the impact of the ISPS code from a total port perspective. In addition, increasing globalisation and the complexity of supply chains lead the companies to greater exposure to risk from political and economic events Harland et al. Attached to all questions was a comment section for those participants who wanted to add information. The participating ports stated that EU Regulation No.

The total number of Swedish ports with commercial traffic is 52 harbours Sveriges Hamnar, It is possible that some ports would prefer to close down all port activities than to operate under ISPS Security Level 3. This leads to higher effectiveness for cranes, lift trucks and Impacts of the ISPS code on port activities: a case study on Swedish ports other equipment at the port facilities due to the operators having fewer uncertain elements in their working environment.

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Further conclusions regarding discordance effects on general business relations are impossible to state. All participants were promised that they would remain anonymous. To obtain knowledge regarding the research topic, the literature-based research in this study will be based on several key words including port facilities security, maritime security, ISPS Code, implementation of ISPS Code, port security management, and effects of the ISPS Code on maritime security.

Chapter XI-2 applies to passenger ships and cargo ships of Gross Tonnage GT and upwards, including high-speed craft, mobile offshore drilling units and port facilities, which serve such ships engaged on international voyages.

Research paper on the isps code

To assist the shipping industry, maritime administrators, and governments to identify any need for improvements on the ISPS Code. To evaluate the positive and negative consequences of the ISPS Code on ship and port activities and facilities.

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How Isps Code Has Impacted Maritime Security Essay