Role of culture in international makreting

Education: The education level in a country is important to understand.

Cultural framework marketing

Language and culture are in a close relationship. American-style handshakes have become accepted as a business norm in many cultures, but this custom is not universal. Education: The education level in a country is important to understand. Hodgetts, Luthans, Doh, Through culture we know how we can create relationships and networks. So social mobility could be restricted where caste and class systems are in place. Culture is part of the human environment and it is everything around us as people; the way we think and behave as members of the society. For example, consumers in some countries, such as the United States, tend to be individualistic and make many purchasing decisions based on their own personal preferences. The trend of getting education increases, people have more knowledge, they adopt new things, while markets become complex. Miller K. This is the more reason why Nestle Corporation adapts its products to suite local cultures, tastes and traditions Robbins and Coulter, Meanwhile, Schramm and Roberts suggest, for international marketers to succeed they need to be effective and efficient communicators, able to handle customers issues and attempt to understand foreign expectations. So it behooves on the international marketer to have efficient and effective communication skills.

Thus, had it not been cultural influences these expatriates and their firms could have succeeded more in the international environment.

Muslims offer prayers five times in a day, while the American culture, a western one, focuses on personal achievements. Miller K. However, Hamel argues that global leadership is the key in unlocking international marketing potentials and to survive since it is critical in setting clear organizational vision which provides way-forward for employees by defining what the organization hopes to achieve in international market.

Since batteries were expensive in Africa and power supplies in rural areas are non-existent. Culture can change the technology, top management attitude, top management decisions and introduce new ideas and can even affect the government relationships.

To take more competitive advantage it is vitally necessary to build and maintain culture in an organization. Likewise, business norms around greetings and physical contact also vary.

role of culture in international marketing by using theory drawn from cultural anthropology

But, Gaskill et al. Ghauri and Cateora write, it is important for the international marketer to assess cultural education level in a particular market since such has influence on the marketing strategy and techniques in areas of advertisement and communication.

Impact of culture on international marketing ppt

No knowledge about the market and performance of employees is good enough; it depends on how you increase the knowledge of employees and adopt the new culture. According to Ghauri and Cateora material culture affects demand levels-product types and functional features. For example, all the major world religions observe holidays that include feasting and gift giving. Miller K. Suppose a person wants to export pork meat to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or other Islamic country, then he will not be successful in his business as pork meat is prohibited by Islam. The management sees itself on one level while its subordinates on an inferior level. These above mentioned five dimensions of Hofsted reflect the culture of any organization. This will help the customers identify with the products or services as their own.

Clearly language can become a very complicated issue for marketers very quickly!

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The Role of Culture in International Marketing