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When he is well enough to get out of bed, she insists he write a new novel titled Misery's Return, in which he brings the character back to life. Soon after, Annie reads the latest Misery novel, discovers that Misery dies at the end of the book, and flies into a rage.

The end result is at the very least a very gratifying one as Carpenter constructs a dream-like story that has obvious roots in both the fiction of H. Tell others about this book Lorem About Writing the Horror Movie Tales of horror have always been with us, from Biblical times to the Gothic novel to successful modern day authors and screenwriters.

The cast does great jobs in their roles. In the book, four friends accidentally strike and kill a little boy on their drive back from a graduation party, and must live with the consequences when someone turns up to avenge his death.

The violence and gore in the film is shocking and frightening because at times the violence and gore is shown or implied with visuals. I was feeling for it in the window-curtains…We went down-stairs, one behind another.

My only two complaints are that in three specific occasions, the author provided inaccurate information. Recommended for aspiring writers and critics.

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Carpenter for bringing his visions of horror to the silver screen once again.

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Eight Horror Films About Writers