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A character attends an A. A mail person delivers a package to the local gang and has no choice but to become involved.

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Tell the story of a scar, whether a physical scar or emotional one. A family of ranchers survive the elements of the Wild West. A granddaughter attempts to connect with her long-lost grandmother by cooking through the family cookbook. Enjoy a good whodunit? A character looks to escape a life threatening situation in a foreign country. A sitcom about a librarian's work life, with each story centered around a different book. Here are some ways to handle difficult conversations: Restating biased or unfair remarks: If a student says something that is clearly pointed at another student or is an unfair remark about a group of people, try to reframe their statement in a nonthreatening way, such as, "What I hear John saying is that A hypochondriac attempts to write off signs of an illness. A group of backpackers get lost in the wilderness of Eastern Europe. Years after a horrible accident, a woman tries to buy the home her family died in. A character has a yard sale, but struggles to part with every item someone tries to buy. A village takes shifts guarding the cemetary to hide something. You wash up on an island and must work to figure out what happened. This poster demonstrates how to get the most out of the three major search platforms on the web.

A child attempts to prevent their parents' divorce. A woman wakes up after a failed suicide and decides to visit her ex.

40 best narrative essay topics

How would the story have been different if Grace's family had not encouraged her? A character decides to fail all their classes to make a statement. A door-to-door salesperson struggles to make ends meet and acts out in a moment of desperation with the next person they talk to. A pregnant teen faces the reality that her life is going to be much different from her high school peers. The body of the text should be focused on presenting the pros and cons, the for and against arguments, relating to the central issue. A psychiatrist befriends one of their patients only to realize it was a fatal mistake. Example Prompt: People make their dietary decisions for a wide variety of reasons. This helps them internalize the importance of giving full consideration to a range of differing opinions about the same topic. The title should normally be a general statement, or even a question, that draws attention to a specific issue. What are some words to describe her character? Session 5: Doodle Art This session should take place in your school's computer lab if you do not have enough classroom computers. You and three other players solve a hotel murder mystery together, but the decisions you make change the story and survival of various characters. A dictator forces an illustrious fashion designer to design the new military uniforms for the war.

After three minutes or so, signal that the time is up and instruct students to move to the next table. A character finds lost paint cans from a famous artist.

topics to write about

Three couples spend a night on the town, attempting to outdo one another. A computer threatens the privacy of a major city.

Argumentative essay topics

Describe how and why people choose the particular foods they eat. Read your draft. A car breaks down in a road trip and you must work to survive the night. A parent must bury their son before a thunderstorm makes the earth too soft. A daughter confronts her traumatizing relationship with her mother. Conclusion In the conclusion, the student reviews the information, provides a summary of the arguments made, and weighs up the issue in light of the available evidence. This is a time for you to facilitate deeper discussion on some of the major themes touched on in the book and in the small-group conversations. A family living in the jungle is murdered and you, a distant cousin, must exact their revenge. A character is forced to confront their fear of bugs when they are cornered in a room with one. A feminine, girly woman attempts to make in the comedy scene. This can also be a good exercise to begin the preparation for a formal debate, as it affords the students opportunities to think on their feet, engage with differing opinions, and to work on public speaking skills such as body language. A character attends an A. Get your facts straight The challenge in writing a good discussion or argumentative essay is to be open minded even if you know which side you want to support.

Ready to write your short story? Discussion is a proving ground for ideas.

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