The american standard according to george gershwin

The Gershwin Style.

george gershwin rhapsody in blue

At the same time, Gershwin continued taking virtual lessons from the jazz greats of the day, imbibing their styles, riffs, and swinging rhythms.

So impressed with the young man's work was Whiteman that he invited Gershwin to contribute a piece to a concert of modern music to be performed in New York's Aeolian Hall on February 12, In particular, it provided a context for a new kind of great American popular song—initiated, ironically, by a quartet from across the Atlantic.

Gershwin became acquainted with the well-known jazz orchestra leader Paul Whiteman as a result of Blue Monday, which Whiteman conducted. Gershwin's work had a powerful influence on other composers, and his struggles to integrate audiences for jazz and serious music were also important in music history.

Porgy and Bess contains some of Gershwin's most sophisticated music, including a fugue, a passacaglia, the use of atonality, polytonality and polyrhythm, and a tone row. Gershwin appeared on several radio programs, including Rudy Vallee's, and played some of his compositions.

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