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Although written more than a century ago, the same apathy to the plight of the toiler of the soil still roils the modern day world.

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The open windows of the farmer's house seem to wait all day just to hear the sound of a car stopping to make a purchase. By ensuring them a better life and hence good sleep, they actually sleep peacefully themselves and destroy their slumber with anxiety.

A Roadside Stand :.

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You are on page 1of 21 Search inside document - About The Author Robert Frost is a highly acclaimed American poet of the twentieth century. The poet is also very critical of the way the city folks treat these villagers who are selling their locally produced goods and whizzing past them without a sense of empathy. Their houses are painted in the most unprofessional manner with the most mismatching paint. It boosts the growth of the city and the city people. Perhaps, this problem ran in the family. So sad, while millions read his poems with relish, few shed a drop of tear for the toiling, deprived, and voiceless masses that the poet passionately pleaded for. It is saddening to note that his wife, Elinor Miriam White also suffered bouts of depression. What was the plea of the folk … The farmer who erected a ramshackle sales counter wanted to make a little money by selling his berries and the juice. It was a small entrepreneurial venture to make some little money to meet his needs. Lines The occupants of the little old house have extended the shed in front, around the edge of the road where traffic passes by. Having failed to see the wretchedness of the poor, they complain that the roadside stand, with its artless paint, ruined the beauty of the nature. Robert Frost wrote about characters, people and landscapes. He only wishes for some city money so that he may experience the plush life make our beings expand portrayed by the movies and other media, which the political parties are said to be refusing him. This is being reversed by the new 'greedy good doers' who teach these people to not use their brain. The political party in power actually deprive them of a prosperous life.

But a later logical thought and a poised state of mind tells him the futility of this rash act. It is not very easy to answer all that in a page. The poet is outraged at the callous attitude of the government, the civic authorities and the social service agencies who appear to help them but actually end up harming them.

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But their expectations are never fulfilled as the rich men are not considerate about them and hence a pathetic existence for the roadside stand.

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A Roadside Stand Explanation