The need for the us to make changes in the education system

Teaching should be considered a top level profession with higher salaries.

changes in education system from past to present

The differences evident in rate of learning are only one aspect of the diverse effects of students with different abilities studying under different conditions.

We do a worse job than other countries at giving our poorest students the high-quality education they need to lead better lives than their parents.

problems with todays education system

This sustainable social enterprise serves over 90, students and hundreds of teachers within the existing education system, with the goal of awakening within young people the attitudes and awareness they need for academic, entrepreneurial, and lifelong success.

Kids in the US dream about playing football, but kids in Germany what to solve problems for example. Following Ravitch, with her attachment to a model that has become obsolete, would mean its best days are already behind us.

change in education system essay

For example, students of higher ability levels who are also self-reliant, independent, with lower anxiety tend to do better under divergent teaching and self-directed learning conditions, while students of lower ability levels who are also dependent, and anxious, tend to do better under convergent teaching with clear structure and much direction.

In terms of teaching strategies, an integrated curriculum encourages a multi-dimensional approach to the educational process and tends to combine regularly multi-convergent and divergent strategies of teaching.

What changes should be made in education system

In its purest form, education is the simple means of passing knowledge and understanding on to a new generation. The growing inter-disciplinary collaborations and cooperative sharing of information from different fields and the efforts to find pragmatic solutions to global problems have further implications for education. Teaching Strategies and Students Characteristics Among the most difficult problems faced by the education system are those associated with teaching effectiveness. In confronting this challenge it is necessary to consider the complexity of the education system itself and the multitude of problems that must be addressed. This is a mistake. The way students study, their curriculum and the increasing emphasis on academics are the trends evident in the education system. With the Brookings Institution, we are creating a directory of innovations that Change Leaders can use to spread good practice. In fact, among the current suggestions for implementing educational reforms to deal with the considerable problems of the education system, there has been a strong emphasis on setting convergent goals, an aspect of which is the use of across-the-board standardized testing. Brown, Henry L. There is a strong need to train teachers to adapt instruction to the diverse student abilities, learning styles, personality traits and needs by using more differentiated teaching strategies See also Complexity in the Classroom link to be added soon. That is the noble task of a noble profession and we need to rebuild it. There has been a growing acknowledgement of the importance of adapting teaching to a variety of intelligences e. The high stakes testing was a part of the previous standards and No Child Left Behind legislation. Adapting teaching to different student characteristics by using diverse methods of teaching. Education is still at the center of many debates.
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51 Ideas on How to Improve the US Education System