The pearl chapter 2 essay

When a grain of sand begins to irritate the oyster's inner folds of muscle, it emits a layer of secretion which surrounds the grain of sand and this emission, once started, continues until there is a great pearl.

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In addition to the concept of superstition, the delay may also be seen merely as a device for arousing suspense. Just picture the "copper haze" over the water and the blinding reflection of the sun—this, we are told, is why the townspeople feel there is no certainty in seeing. He goes to the surface with the shell in his hand. Summary Analysis The narrator describes the town, located on an estuary. Kino, however, does not want to open the big oyster yet — one must "be very tactful with God or the gods. In this manner the fisherpeople are linked to the larger natural world of the estuary, which encompasses not only the lush sea life, but also the villager's canoes on the beach and the curtain of Gulf moisture that pervades the town. Immediately before finding the pearl, there is the introduction of another song, the Song of the Pearl That Might Be. Active Themes Kino and Juana walk to the beach, in the direction of their canoe.

Kino is young and strong and can hold is breath for more than two minutes at a time. Once Kino boards, the two begin paddling out to sea in search of pearls. Meanwhile, Coyotito is getting worse; the swelling from the sting has moved up from his shoulder and toward his face.

After halfheartedly pawing at a smaller one, eagerness overcomes him, and Juana softly urges him to open the prize catch.

The pearl chapter 2 essay

The pearl causes Kino to revert to instinctual behavior, a change that will have dangerous and disastrous consequences. Juana makes a poultice from brown seaweed.

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Once in the canoe, Kino paddles them out amongst the other pearlers already in the water. This should be remembered, for in the next chapter the doctor does administer something to Coyotito and it makes him very ill — until the doctor returns and gives him something else to counteract the first dose.

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Kino dives to the bottom with the help of a heavy rock. Nevertheless, Kino immediately realizes that he has found an impressive pearl when he finds the oyster during his dive, leaving this large oyster as the final one to be opened. It also serves to establish the degree of luck it takes to find one, much less a truly valuable one. The oyster is opened ever-so-slightly, and Kino sees something gleam inside it. The canoe is old, bought by Kino's grandfather, and is the source of food for Kino. The factual descriptions of the beach include the brown algae and the various flora and fauna. Due to the effects of the sun and sea mist a hazy blanket of moisture often hangs over the coast and causes mirages to appear. Immediately before finding the pearl, there is the introduction of another song, the Song of the Pearl That Might Be. Crabs and lobsters poke out from their holes, and algae and sea horses drift aimlessly in the nearby currents. For centuries men had dived to the depths of the sea hoping that one of the shells will have gathered a grain of sand and coated it smooth with its cement secretions to make a valuable pearl. Kino makes a dive to collect oysters, while Juana stays in the canoe, praying for luck.
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The Pearl: Novel Summary: Chapter 2