The positive and negative impacts of growing diversity in communication

Perceptual, cultural and language barriers need to be overcome for diversity programs to succeed.

positive and negative effects of cultural diversity

To nurse pro-social behaviour, team leaders must also prioritise social events to allow their teams to become acquainted with each other. Publisert torsdag Even something as simple as a greeting or handshake has cultural implications that should be considered in a work environment.

The positive and negative impacts of growing diversity in communication

Griffin, R and Hirsch, M. Diversity, including diversity of gender, religion, and ethnicity, has been shown to improve retention and reduce the costs associated with employee turnover. An inclusive atmosphere of cross-cultural cooperation is an excellent way to bond colleagues and teams across the business. Benefit: Drawing from a culturally diverse talent pool allows an organization to attract and retain the best talent According to a Glassdoor survey , two thirds of job hunters indicated that diversity was important to them when evaluating companies and job offers. Greater diversity leaves less to room to discriminate in communities and in the workplace. It should be knowledgeable about ethical issues and understand values, communicate decisions regarding these issues to employees and keep communication channels open for all employees to feedback information without fear and revenge. Download a brochure or get in touch today to find out how Hult can help you to explore everything about the business world, the future, and yourself. Knowing the pitfalls upfront can help you avoid them in your small business. By offering a platform for the open exchange of ideas, businesses can reap the biggest benefits of diversity in the workplace. Often, a product or service needs to be adapted to succeed overseas. If you have people from many countries, the team members are more equal and on par with each other. They wrongly believe that the specific patterns of behaviour desired in their own culture are universally valued. Conversely, assertive colleagues from the U.

Organisation should adapt the policies that directly or indirectly affect the diversity issues Griffin and Hirsch, Not only does hiring from a more diverse talent pool makes your business attractive to ambitious, globally minded candidates, it also helps you to keep them on board.

Accent is another factor creating problems in communication as some people react negatively to different accents. Different employees bring individual talents and experiences and suggest suggesting flexible ideas in adapting to ever changing markets.

Anchor diversity in your small-business culture — and, ultimately, prove all those diversity critics wrong. Super-diversity makes them prone to socialise and collaborate beyond and across ethnic and cultural barriers.

Communicate the vision, and proudly.

positive effects of cultural diversity in society
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Diversity leads to greater social coherence and well