The process of calculating the earths circumference by eratosthenes

eratosthenes formula

Let's take a closer look at how he did it! The expression for the distance to the Sun has been translated either as 4, stadia translation by E. Time is on your side and people will end up noticing and recognizing your efforts. He dedicated his solution to King Ptolemy, presenting a model in bronze with it a letter and an epigram.

So what answer did he get? Eratosthenes had the distance between the two cities measured.

circumference of earth in km

So, on June 21 he planted a stick directly in the ground and waited to see if a shadow would be cast at noon. The actual polar circumference of Earth is just a bit over 40 thousand km about 24, miles.

Everything seems so far away, so unreachable, that you can lose motivation. It turns out there was one. This video was originally published on July 3, Eratosthenes also wrote Olympic Victors, a chronology of the winners of the Olympic Games.

Great innovators never compared themselves to anyone else, but measured their progress every day, against themselves, wondering… Am I doing the best I can?

eratosthenes experiment

Eratosthenes later rounded the result to a final value of stadia per degree, which implies a circumference ofstadia, likely for reasons of calculation simplicity as the larger number is evenly divisible by According to Macrobious, Eratosthenes made the diameter of the Sun to be about 27 times that of the Earth.

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How Eratosthenes calculated the Earth's circumference