Tide detergent distribution

Tide claimed it was "America's Washday Favorite". Changing lifestyle of people want cheap product with good quality 3. So the consumer does not have to think a before parting with Rs. Tide has proven successful in some of the markets in developing country which are highly price sensitive.

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Tide Naturals was launched in India in December In addition, detergent companies have started manufacturing powder detergents in packs of 20 grams, grams, grams, 1 kg, and 2 kg to cater to the needs of those who prefer to buy in small packets and in bulk.

In place of rising competition promotion plays a major role in gaining and retaining the customer base and also acts a differential factor for the brand.

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This pricing strategy has proved beneficial in long term for the brand. The strategy was initiated in more than villages in the central Utter Pradesh as part of the pilot test.

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Promotion: The promotional and advertising strategy in the Tide marketing strategy is as follows: Tide has always been aggressive in its marketing and advertising.

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