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This war was one that was never fought before due to great advances in weaponry and war strategies that were utilized, on a scale that was never seen before Related Essays. Wooden duckboards formed a walkway over the sludge of water and mud.

This is an extremely effective device in establishing the theme of the documentary; that trench warfare was extremely violent and changed the lives of the people who fought on the western front of World War I The war turned out to be one of the most tragic, all consuming wars in history of worldwide conflicts.

Battle of Somme SLC 09 February While looking for battles that involved Field Artillery there were many that came to mind however, we went off the beaten path and chose one that showed how if you depend on one element too much it can hinder your overall combat power.

The stable scorecard BSC is a plan performance management instrument - a semi-standard structured report, maintained by design approaches and automation gears, that can be rummage-sale by directors to keep track of the performa The trench system on the Western Front consisted of front-line, support and reserve trenches.

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