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Red california earthworms

Time consuming. Because red worms are surface dwellers constantly moving towards the new food source, the flow-through system eliminates the need to separate worms from the castings before packaging. It can be used to reduce the application of agrochemicals and for biofertilizer production and even for biocontrol of some pathogens. To get vermiwash continuously suspend a mud pot or a small bucket with some holes. Then sieve it by using mm sieve. It takes about six months for earthworms to degrade organic matter and transform it to useful content. It might be days for some Indian species as contrasted with days in European species. It is the advanced method of composting where earthworms eat the decomposed material and excrete it out as casting which is known as vermicast or vermicompost. C, Satchell, J.

Its low energy consuming and results in the production of valuable products like vermicast, water for farming and earthworm biomass for industrial use Sinha et al. Are utilized in the following processes; Soil detoxification and vermicompost production Gupta and Garg Vermicomposting: A better option for organic solid waste management.

Sales of the end product can provide additional offsets to the running costs.

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In the way of this attempt lead to the new field named Vermitechnology. A novel antimicrobial vermipeptide family from earthworm Eisenia fetida.

It might be days for some Indian species as contrasted with days in European species. Vermicompost is formed when the earthworms breakdown the organic waste materials, stimulate the action of microorganisms and increase rates at which minerals are formed, converting the waste into humus-like substances with fine structure and high microbial activity.

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Vermitechnology Essay